Leaving, a Prayer

Lord, I want to stay in this place.

How can I take it with me?

Hide within my breast the mountains


rivers flowing

from melting snow,

scent of pine warmed by the sun,

sun shining every day.


How can I keep what You’ve given me here

while I go away to somewhere else?

This has been good soil for me,

and from it now friendships grow

with flowers.

Fruit, even.

And yet You say, “Leave now”?


For a while, life here felt bitter.

Lonely. Invisible. Meaningless.

Then I asked, and You gave kindred spirits,

helpers, prayers, listeners, trusters,

caregivers, meal makers.


Thank You.


Here, far from our “homes”,

You also gave a daughter

with here in her blood.

A goer. A doer. Explorer, hiker, sunny one.

Here is her birthplace; her “home”.

Will she ever get to return?


Four short years ago, You took us from China

and brought us here; a dream come true.

Now that dream seems to be ending

as we pursue another.

I don’t feel ready.

I want to plant another garden and reap the harvest.

I want to hike along the Divide amid snowbanks in the warmth of spring.

I want to see the snow-capped Rockies and go to them.

I want to keep thriving.

Reach and find wild beauty.

Reach and find hearts reaching for mine

in a place where I thought I was alone.


Now hope ushers me along;

hope turns my face and my thoughts forward.

Hope, because You did it before, and You’ll do it again.

Better than we could ask for or imagine.

I pack each box, I say each goodbye

with hope in my heart,

resting secure,

knowing that

I will plant other gardens and reap the harvest.

I will keep thriving.

I will reach and find beauty.

I will reach and find Your heart reaching for mine

in a place where I have never been alone.



June 2014, Colorado


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